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Prophetic word for Australia given by Heidi Baker in Sydney at Jubilee International Church on

March 16th 2010

I have a word over Australia.

I just feel like the river of God’s glory is increasing in this nation. I see Revelation 22; the river coming from the throne and of the lamb. I feel like God is going to increase His glory and his love and I feel like the way Australians are going to come to the Lord by the 1000’s and the 10’s of thousands they are going to come as the church lives like a family. And I see churches becoming homes of the loving believer. I see people being set free to be who they are.

I feel like fathers and mothers are going to be raised up and the lost children of Australia are going to come home to the Father and I feel like it’s as brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers and even little children go, go out to the streets, to the highways and the byways out, out, out, the Lord is sending you out, out, out and as you stop for the one, as you stop for the one in front of you, and you spend time with them, He says love looks like something, it looks like you spending time, like you drinking coffee with them, like you sitting in the park with them, like you embracing them in their loneliness and God is going to send the church out as lovers.

He says the river of His glory love is increasing and he says the nets will increase as the body of Christ networks together for the harvest. He says He is looking for a body that will be woven together by the love of God past denominations and movements, He said it will be past denominations and one brother will serve one another and sister a brother.The Lord is sending literally the angelic host with a silver chord, a chord of love and He is binding together the body of Christ with a chord of love. He says as you move in the presence of my love and as each one steps into their destiny and become the weights upon the net and the Lord Himself says there will be a great harvest, a great harvest in Australia, a great harvest, a great harvest, a great awakening in Australia and I see it breaking out of Australia into the island nations, I see it going into the island nations. I see the Lord sending Australians out as harvesters into the earth. And I see you carrying love like you have never known, more radical, deeper, stronger love and the Lord says to the fathers and the mothers, to the pastors and the brothers I am sending you strange fish. I am sending you strange fish. Fish of many kinds, fish of many kinds and I am calling you to love them.

For much of the time when I have sent my sons and daughters they were orphans, they were widows, they were broken, they were abandoned, they did not feel welcome in the family, but there is a shift, a shift, a shift taking place in my body, a shift where the family of God, the family of God will love all the sons and all the daughters that I bring in and my Spirit will touch them and they will know they are no longer outcasts, they are no longer orphans, they are no longer widows, they will know the love of the Father, they will know it through you, they will know it through you. Get ready for the harvest my beautiful bride

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