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Prophetic word for Australia and the Islands given by

Smith Wigglesworth in 1967

The following notes are taken from Billye Brim’s recollection of  conversations with David Duplessis when he was an elderly man.

 “Now, regarding Wigglesworth. Here is how I remember what David DuPlessis shared with us about it.

It happened in South Africa. David’s father was pastor of a church where Wigglesworth  was speaking. Wigglesworth had just come from Australia and the Islands there around. Young David was translating Wigglesworth into some local language as he preached.

Very early one morning David was in his office when the door burst open and Wigglesworth stormed in. David stood. Wigglesworth took him by the clothing and pinned him to the wall. He prophesied concerning the moves of God that would take place before the Lord comes. He said there would be a great move of the Spirit in which classical denominational people would receive the baptism with the Holy Spirit. He said that he would not live to see this, but that David would and that God would use him among the denominational people. Especially, the Catholics.

 (It is a little unclear to my memory, but I think it was here that I heard he said there would be a move of the Spirit and then a move of the Word and then a move of the Word and the Spirit together. After which the Lord would come. Now I know I have heard this part, but I am not sure I heard it from David.) 

I did hear from David that Wigglesworth said the last great outpouring of the Holy Spirit before Jesus comes would be in Australia, New Zealand, and the islands.

David DuPlessis said that Wigglesworth after delivering the powerful prophecy let him go and left the room.

Later that morning they met the rest of the ministry team for breakfast.  Wigglesworth said to David, “Good morning, David. Good to see you. How are you?” David said, “Brother Wigglesworth, you’ve already seen me this morning. But you didn’t greet me.” Wigglesworth replied, “This morning that was the man of God, on the way with the Word of God, greeting no man in the way. This is Wigglesworth. Good morning David.”

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